English 497A: Honors Revision Seminar

Dr. Michael Bryson
Sierra Tower 832


Course Description
This course provides you with the opportunity to experience a full and rewarding revision process. In this class, you will develop an existing paper into a more sophisticated analysis that is richly researched and rhetorically and stylistically polished. You will have the time to practice stages in the revision process that typically get short shrift when trying to develop a paper in a single semester. The resulting 20 -25 research essay will be suitable as a writing sample for graduate school applications or as concrete evidence of your writing and thinking skills when searching for a job.

Required Texts

  1. 7-15 page essay that you have already written for an Honors Seminar or other upper-division
    English class
  2. James L. Harner, Literary Research Guide: An Annotated Listing of Reference Sources in English Literary Studies. Modern Language Association of America; 5th edition, 2008. ISBN: 0873528085

Student Learning Outcomes
The course addresses the following English Honors Option Student Learning Outcomes:
1. You will gain the ability to write effective expository prose
2. You will gain the ability to articulate clear interpretations of cultural texts
4. You will gain knowledge of and ability to apply literary theory
6. You will gain the ability to engage in independent research and scholarship

Course Assignments
The course will require you to engage in a variety of revision techniques. Some of these will be discussed in class, and some individually with the course instructor. Your grade will be determined both by the quality of the essay you turn in at the end of the semester and by your completion of the revision assignments. Simply handing in a revised paper at the end of the semester will not constitute satisfactory completion of the course.

Course Schedule (subject to revision as necessary)

Week 1 (1/26)
Course Intro

Week 2 (2/2)
Self-Evaluation of paper due via email

Week 3 (2/9)
Outline of existing draft due via email

Week 4 (2/16)
Discussion of Library Resources

Week 5 (2/23)
Revision/New Outline of existing argument due via email

Week 6 (3/1)

Week 7 (3/8)

Week 8 (3/15)
Revision Conferences: report on consultations with faculty due

Week 9 (3/22)
Research and Writing

Week 10 (3/29)
Research and Writing

Week 11 (4/12)
Revised Bibliography due via email

Week 12 (4/19)
Roundtable Presentations

Week 13 (4/26)
Roundtable Presentations

Week 14 (5/3)
Revision Conferences/Outlines of new arguments due

Week 15 (5/10)
Final Essay due

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