A Condensed Version of Campbell’s Hero Pattern

Stage I: Separation/Departure

  1. The Call to Adventure
  2. Refusal of the Call
  3. Encountering the Guide/ Supernatural Aid
  4. Crossing the Threshold/Beginning the Quest
  5. Passage into the Underworld

Stage II: Trials and Victories of Initiation

  1. Obstacles and Battles
  2. Achievement of the Goal or Quest

Stage III: Return and Reintegration with Society

  1. Refusal of the Return
  2. Return to the World
  3. Transformation of Self and World

A Condensed Version of Rank’s Hero Pattern

  1. The hero is the child of high-ranking parents.
  2. The hero’s birth is preceded by difficulties.
  3. During or before the pregnancy, there is a prophecy threatening danger to the father.
  4. The hero is cast into the water, in a small boat or box of some kind.
  5. The hero is saved by animals, or by lowly people (shepherds), and is suckled by a female animal or by a humble woman.
  6. The hero grows up and finds his high-ranking parents.
  7. He takes his revenge on his father, on the one hand, and is acknowledged, on the other.
  8. Finally he achieves rank and honors—often the rank and honors of the father.