Final Paper for English 339

What I have in mind is a paper that looks at Shakespeare's treatment of Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, or Richard III, while also considering historical and literary treatments that were available to Shakespeare. Among the sources might be:

1) Raphael Holinshed—Chronicles
2) Samuel Daniel—Civil Wars
3) Thomas More—The History of King Richard III
4) Richard Niccols—Mirror for Magistrates (1610 edition—a little late, but
still useful, and there is much material in this edition from earlier
editions that Shakespeare probably did read—1587, etc.)

The question would be, how has Shakespeare adapted the source material to
make his characters more—or less—like Machiavellian Princes?


Each of these sources is available in print form in the library—though there are limited copies. Each is also available in microfilm and online, through the Early English Books Online site: