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 My Latest Album (2023)

The Long Goodbye

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Demos and Works-in-Progress

First, a live recording (done pre-pandemic): Acoustic guitar, drums, and a great vocalist--like a night at an old Delta blues joint: Chain of Fools

Next, my newest solo pieces, a combination of experiments (mostly to get down ideas). Finished versions of some of these will eventually be released in future albums:

1) Passing Lane--Because with engines, size definitely matters.
2) The Open Road--The sound of freedom.
3) Swing Street--Because sometimes you have to get Jazzy.
4) Beck's Bolero--Page and Beck with a little extra flash.
5) Thor--The Hammer of the Gods
6) Bad Moon--A Jazzed-up Shred version of John Fogerty and CCR.
7) More Life (Reprise)--Brief, like its subject.
8) Spaceman Blues--Anthemic and a little spacey.
9) Cock Rock Blues--Self-explanatory, really.
10) Open That G--A raunchy blues-rock in open G tuning.
11) Nostos--A return song.
12) Black Magic Jimi--A tribute to two of the very best.
13) La Danza--A Flamenco dance that builds as it goes.
14) Slag--Just the slightest touch of MC5.
15) La Guitarra Triste--A Santana-style blues number.
16) Cadenza--A solo bass line builds into symphonic rock.
17) Black Hole Sabbath--Birmingham in Space.
18) The Devil's Interval--A moody piece that builds to a climax and then fades away.
19) James Brown in Shred Town--Funky Fast Frets.
20) Synthesis--Electronica, metal, and blues.
21) The Long Goodbye--And yet, never long enough.
22) Blues Messenger--He comes around on a regular schedule, that guy.
23) Miserlou--Metal started long ago in the Fertile Crescent.
24) Flight--Because sometimes, when I am playing, it feels like I can fly.
25) Exile--Blues on Shred Street.
26) Twenty Years After--Alvin Lee at Woodstock on shred pills (and after having been at CSUN for too damn long...)
27) Hey Joe--an all-instrumental blues-shred Hendrix cover with a fingerstyle foundation.
28) Metallaguena: Malaguena through a Marshall stack.
29) Sinfonia: Flamenco crossed with Carlos Santana at high speed. Easily my best playing to date.
30) Buildup/Breakdown: A Punk/Rush mashup.
31) Phrygian Blues: a guitar workout with a bit of blues and a bit of flametalco.
32) Because it's the end of 2020, and Fuck the "New Normal": Lockdown Blues
33) Pandemics and Politicians be damned: Proof of Life
34) Because sometimes you just have to raise the middle finger to everybody: Right Off
35) A Jeff Beck-ish melody in the 2nd and closing sections, with a rock intro/middle: Epiphany
36) A slow blues with a hip-hop beat: Inner Core
37) For Rutger Hauer, for Roy Batty, for all of us: More Life (a flamenco-metal piece)
38) A reworked version of one of my old jazz-rock pieces: Sunday in Central Park
39) Midnight on the Mediterranean sands of old Moorish Spain: Andalusia
40) Hard-driving guitar and drums: Signal Loss
41) Santana between the galaxies: Desire
42) A grungy-funk-metal piece: Toxic Masculinity
43) Early-80's Stones crossed with Nile Rodgers and a touch of shred: Too Many Fools
44) An all-verse piece that builds into some pretty hot guitar soloing: Rebirth
45) A bit of jazz-fusion with a touch of flamenco: Duet
46) A blues-metal paean to the ancient goddess of love and war in the desert sands: Inanna
47) A quick/hot blues shuffle: Big Motor Blues
48) A little Malmsteen, a little Paganini, and a touch of Milton's Satan: Better to Reign
49) A heavy-metal Iranian disco inside a video game: Isfahan in Black
50) Celtic Flamenco: Catalonia
51) A Flamenco piece with some of my best playing: La Princessa
52) A three-part suite--Appasionata, with the three sections named below:
     i) Forbidden Fruit
     ii) Desire and Fulfillment
     iii) With Loss of Eden
53) Santana (on an off night), playing a club in the Mission: Dia de los Muertos
54) A tribute to the hundreds hours I have spent in the blues bars of Chicago: Chicago Saturday Night
55) A vaguely Middle-Eastern sounding electric blues trio: Baghdad Blues
56) A rough blues cross between Jeff Beck and early-days Al DiMeola: Midnight Blues
57) An extremely brief Samba-esqe piece with guitar, bass, and percussion: Latin Minute
58) A rough instrumental demo of a song from my band days (and even before), Guitars, Bass, Drums (a pseudo-anthemic piece that originally had vocals): Walking Through Fire
59) 16th-century folk combined with flamenco and just a touch of arena rock. My brother Alan is on bass and maracas, and I am on electric and acoustic guitars: Greensleeves in Heaven

An older piece inspired by the always-good-for-a-laugh "Shakespeare didn't write Shakespeare" crowd: Big Dumb Hoe Reading Shakespeare Blues

And some of the even older pieces:

1) La Guitarra Ardiente, La Cuarta Parte--an entirely acoustic piece (the fourth part of a suite). I'm pretty happy with the playing in this one.

2) Russian Tango--A slow acoustic/electric combo piece...kinda Jeff Beckish, perhaps a touch Santana-ish in the electric part.

3) Ararat--Another acoustic electric combo. All the soloing is done on acoustic guitar, with electric serving in melody and rhythmic doubling functions (along with acoustic rhythm guitar).

4) Fall from Grace--A really old piece...my attempt to imagine, in terms of heavy guitar feedback, the "Farewell happy fields" speech of Satan from book 1 of Paradise Lost.

5) One Minute Flamenco--More like 90 seconds, but who's counting?

6) Bellissima--A variation on flamenco, with acoustic rhythm guitar and an electric solo.

7) Caprice--Part Paganini, part Al DiMeola, part grunge, part pure showing off...perhaps more athletic than musical, but it was fun.

8) Elegy--A combination of David Gilmour and Santana, I guess...

9) With Ease--An electric/acoustic number, trading solos

10) Turning Point--And another electric/acoustic number, trading solos into the fadeout...

11) In Solitude, We Cry--Another in a series...

12)  Siren Song--Blues and Flamenco mixed...

13) Metaphysical Graffiti--A shamless Jimmy Page ripoff...


Back List

1) The recording is a little rough (as is the performance), but this is a piece I have been working on for a while...gypsy crossed with flamenco and Jimmy-Page-styled Celtic...

Guitar Suite

Guitar Suite, Second Movement

Guitar Suite, Third Movement

Guitar Suite, Fourth Movement

Guitar Suite, Fifth Movement

2) An old piece...my attempt to imagine, in terms of heavy guitar feedback, the "Farewell happy fields" speech of Satan from book 1 of Paradise Lost.

Fall from Grace

3) Another old instrumental...a guitar ballad in the Santana tradition

Cry for No One

4) Two guitars--one acoustic, one electric. A pseudo-Spanish piece.

No Me Toques

5) This one is a really basic two-chord garage-punk thing, very rough, but the guitar player (who is all of about 19 at the time) has just recently discovered the sheer joy of velocity. 

Say Something Nice to Me

6) An old song from my pre-academic career. Guitar (me), bass, drums, lead singer. Hard rock with a heavy bass riff...

Open Up My Eyes

7) Another old song...same band, even heavier bass riff. Hendrix crossed with Parliament/Funkadelic, or some such thing.


8) Same band, more of a Santana/Al DiMeola feel to the guitar. Hard rock/Spanish pop?

She's What I Need

9) Another one...guitar solo in the middle is vaguely Indian or Middle Eastern. The drum work on this one was always my favorite part, though.


10) Last one. No more, I say! The vocals on this are all over the map sometimes (he had a tendency to flat when he over emoted...and he over emoted a lot). But the guitar at the beginning, and then the bass/drums combo throughout still works well.


11) OK, I lied. One more. More heavy bass and guitar...

Don't Play With My Heart

12) One more piece. An all-acoustic retake of the basic idea behind #4 above (I like this one better)...

Three Guitars

13) And yet another. Variations composed on Jimmy Page's Bron-Y-Aur.

Bron-Y-Aur Variations

14) Variations composed on Jimmy Page's Kashmir.

Kashmir Variations

15) Another guitar suite, in four parts.

La Guitarra Ardiente

Part 2 of the above...

La Guitarra Ardiente, La Segunda Parte

Part 3...

La Guitarra Ardiente, La Tercera Parte

Part 4...

La Guitarra Ardiente, La Cuarta Parte

16) Like the title says...

Totally Self-Indulgent Guitar Solo

17) And another...

Midnight Mass with Electric Guitar

18) And another still...

Morning Song

19) A reworked/remixed version of the above...

Morning Song (Redux)

20) Variations very loosely based on Jimmy Page's Black Mountain Side.

Black Mountain Side Variations

21) Agressive and vaguely prog-metally....


22) More agressive and vaguely prog-metally stuff....


23) Vaguely Middle-Eastern sounding metal track...

Renewal (Samadhi)

24) Self-explanatory, really...

Grunge in D

25) Another Jimmy Page-style acoustic piece...

Light and Shade

26) An Al Di Meola crossed with Soundgarden exercise...

Spanish Grunge

27) A piece written in response to Christopher Hitchens' recent (2010) revelation of espophageal cancer...

Denial, Bargaining, Acceptance

28) Like the title says...

One Minute Flamenco

29) A piece about paths not taken...

What Might Have Been

30) Garage-y grunge...


31) Part Paganini, part Al Di Meola, part grunge...


32) An acoustic/electric combo piece...

Dadivania / Finding Home

33) A slow piece based on an old melody...

Russian Tango

34) An electric varation on Flamenco...


35) A Flamenco(ish) piece with a touch of Kashmir...


36) Metal crossed with Morroco...

Sheer Arrogance

37) A Blues number...more Jimmy Page influence here...

End Times Blues

38) A really old piece, from the garage band days...a pseudo-trippy mashup of Robert Fripp and David Gilmour...a kind of Pink Crimson (or King Floyd) piece, I suppose.

Emerald Star

39) A new piece, a combination of David Gilmour and Santana, I guess...


40) Another electric/acoustic number, trading solos

With Ease

41) And another electric/acoustic number, trading solos into the fadeout...

Turning Point

42) Another in a series...

In Solitude, We Cry

43) Blues and Flamenco mixed...

Siren Song

44) An old open-G Blues...

Old Scratch Blues

45) A shamless Jimmy Page ripoff...

Metaphysical Graffiti

46) Another Page-esque acoustic/electric piece...

Damnation's Dance