Grades will be determined by my evaluation of your individual participation in class discussion (which necessitates class attendance), and my evaluation of your papers.  You will be required to write three essays of approximately 6-7 pages each.


Evaluation Standards

An "A" essay shows deep thought, attention to detail, and critical thinking. It is well organized and flows naturally, leading the reader through the subject easily. Sentences show variety and planning, and paragraphs are carefully put together. The essay is engaging and interesting to read, and the treatment of the subject is original and intriguing. Clichés, triteness, and "stilted" language are absent. Finally, an "A" essay displays no mechanical, spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors-it has been written as carefully as a letter of application for a job, and has often been revised several times.

A "B" essay possesses most (but not all) of the qualities of an "A" essay. The "B" essay typically shows a fair amount of thought, attention to detail, and some evidence of critical thinking. It may have slight organizational problems; it may have a few mechanical, grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, or it may employ clichés or trite language in a few places.

A "C" essay is an average effort. It displays most (but not all) the qualities of a "B" essay, with additional problems in thought, organization, and expression. Triteness or clichéd language may be present, or the treatment of the subject, though competent, may be uninteresting or unoriginal. Mechanical and/or spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors are a consistent problem. The essay is understandable and the reasoning adequate.

A "D" essay is below average. In a "D" essay, difficulties with structure, organization, or content make the essay difficult to follow. The treatment of the subject may be inadequate, or the reasoning seriously flawed. Problems with mechanics, grammar, punctuation, and spelling interfere seriously with the essay's effectiveness.

An "F" essay is one in which all of the problems listed in the "D" essay are severe enough to make the paper incomprehensible.

The Numbers: How They Will Break Down

That being said, here is a numerical guide to grades.  The course will be on a one thousand point scale, with each essay potentially worth 300 points, and with participation potentially worth 100 points.


A+ 100%
A 95%
A- 90%
B+ 88%
B 85%
B- 80%
C+ 78%
C 75%
C- 70%
D+ 68%
D 65%
D- 60%
F 50%

Work not submitted 0%



A 930-1000 points
A-895-929 points
B+ 870-894 points
B 820-869 points
B- 795-819 points
C+ 770-794 points
C 720-769 points
C- 695-719 points
D 595-694 points
F 0-594 points


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